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MYLAPORE AND LAWYERS have always been synonymous for more than hundred years. This area has a history dating back to ‘the ‘Before Christ’ (B.C.) and been visited by many prominent travelers and historians like Ptolemy and Marco Polo. Indeed at first only Brahmin lawyers professing the Shaivaite faith began to settle in the streets around the famous Kapleeswarar temple and also a narrow street a little away known as ‘Pelathope’ ( official name, ‘Desigar Sami Street’) attracted many lawyers who created history.

Over the years successful lawyers began to build ‘garden houses’ or ‘bungalows’ in an area which came to be known as Luz Church Road because of the proximity to Luz Church.

Indeed in 1947 a Tamil movie classic, ‘Miss Malini’, a Gemini Studios-S.S. Vasan production had a song which became justly famous highlighting the association between Mylapore and lawyers.

Here goes the opening line ……’Mylapore vakilaathu mattupennaaven…!’ ( ‘I shall be a Mylapore lawyer’s daughter-in law…!’ )’. The song was written by the director of the film Kothamangalam Subbu, Tamil writer, poet, actor and filmmaker.

From the above line it is clear that in those days it was the ambition of of a young woman to become the daughter-in-law of a successful Mylapore lawyer!

Today , of course,qz things have changed even though in the minds of people Mylapore is still associated with lawyers. With the politicisation of the legal profession, sadly the old aura that surrounded Mylapore somewhat missing…..

Well folks, unfasten your seatbelts, it is going to be an exciting and stimulating flight into Mylapore, its lawyers and all that!


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