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Dame Destiny delights in playing games in the lives of people. She follows no rules, reveals no explicable plans, and contributes to success or failure, desire or disappointment, delight or depression. However she does recognize hard work and merit, and helps those who work hard towards their goals, makes their tinted dreams come true, crowning them with glory and success. During the steep climb she often places hurdles and greased inclines in their path before the end of the climb.

Every success story is interesting and offers invaluable lessons for people to make life worthwhile. Even a life of failure offers its own lessons, revealing the reasons, for failure and dreams going up in smoke.

He ardently wished to be a District Munsiff, a lower rung judicial officer in the Indian judicial system. It evaded him. A higher office of District Judgeship came his way on a platter, but did not wish to be a mere cog in the system. Years later he was offered the prestigious seat on the Bench at Madras High Court, but having become one of the leading, successful members of the Madras Bar earning much more than any high court judge, he politely declined the offer.

He hailed from the winsome world of Classical Carnatic Music, born the great-grandson of Panju Bhagavathar, one of the direct disciples of the inimitable icon of Classical Music, one of the legendary trio of Indian Music Saint Thyagaraja Swamigal. With such background and inherited genes he could have become a musician of merit or at least a top of the rung- critic. In spite of it all he did not become a musician.

During his life in College innings in Kumbakonam he was a student leader of high ideals and old world –now sadly vanished-values, intimately friendly with top Indian National Congress Party leaders like Rajaji and S. Sathyamurthy and others. He occupied high offices in the Students Freedom Movement of his home town. Besides his background with the experience, and organizational talents and skills he might have been successful politician and possibly occupied a seat not only in the legislature but also the local cabinet at Fort St George. But he gave up politics almost for ever!

He chose to become a lawyer and here again the pathway was not always strewn with rose petals. Every rose has its thorns, they say, and he too encountered some thorns before he could garner more than a basketful of roses in his successful life and career as lawyer.

After many anxious moments, he made his way to enter the legal chambers of one of the legal legends and icons of India V. L. Ethiraj, and became his favourite junior. He worked as his legal disciple for seven long years and earned the love and affection of his master, and by mental osmosis absorbed much of the legal legend's legal skills, and methods of the winning strategy of his revered idol.

Interestingly he garnered much success winning several interesting and sensational cases besides at the Madras High Court in faraway places like Delhi, and Ahmedabad, Bangalore and such, scoring one over his master who rarely appeared away from his home turf of the Madras High Court

Such a person of no mean achievement is Subramaniam Pichai, one of the leading members of the South Indian bar.

It all began in a peaceful evergreen small town in Thanjavur District and found ample fulfillment in the bustling metropolis and provincial capital, Madras, the point focus of South India until the past few decades...

His success story is not only interesting and eventful but also offers invaluable lessons for any young man or woman on the threshold of life in India, that is Bharat!