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RANDOR GUY, is a lawyer, stock- broking executive, adman, turned writer, journalist, filmmaker, TV producer, social, legal, cultural, and film historian, with an impressive track record in mass media, like the Printed Word, Radio, Cinema, Television, Video and others. Has published books in more than one language in India and abroad with some of them proving best-sellers. Noted for his crime writing, and contribution to legal, and film and cultural history, he is also much sought after speaker.

Has written, produced and directed feature films, documentaries, TV movies and television serials in many languages including English, with some of them screened in India and many other countries.

Has worked in hollywood as screenwriter and his movies include “Perfumed Garden '' (1999) and " Maya '' (soon to be released). Currently working on English film scripts, and also books. Contributes regularly to ' The Hindu ', 'Madras Musings', ‘Galatta Cinema', ‘Anna Nagar Times’, 'Group of weeklies', ‘Madras Law Journal’ (MLJ) and provides content to websites, and others. Has his own blog in ‘’…

Known for his sense of humour and anecdotage of many kinds.

Has won awards for his films and also contribution to Film History, Television, and such arts.

Believes that work is worship and to worship is to work. That, in short, is the Guy called Randor!