MYLAPORE AND LAWYERS have always been synonymous for more than hundred years. This area has a history dating back to ‘the ‘Before Christ’ (B.C.) and been visited by many prominent travelers and historians like Ptolemy and Marco Polo. Indeed at first only Brahmin lawyers professing the Shaivaite faith began to settle in the streets around the famous Kapleeswarar temple and also a narrow street a little away known as ‘Pelathope’ ( official name, ‘Desigar Sami Street’) attracted many lawyers who created history.

Over the years successful lawyers began to build ‘garden houses’ or ‘bungalows’ in an area which came to be known as Luz Church Road because of the proximity to Luz Church.
  Big Moose lake, Herkimer County New York state, USA….a vast lake and a well known summer tourist attraction at the turn of the century…boats bobbing on the blue waters, languidly in the warm morning sun…   One of the leading lights of the Madras High Court T. R. Ramachandra Iyer was arguing an appeal relating to Hindu Law of Succession before a British judge who had come to India only recently and was not yet initiated into the intricacies of Hindu Law.
  To be contiued.. .
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